[EN 7 FRASES] Beach House

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Beach house6



1.- You go to school, you follow all the rules, you live inside. Realize there’s something in your eyes, you’re back again. From the spine rising through the mind, you give it up… just like a spark. 

(Sparks, Depression Cherry, 2015)



2.- In the highest blackened moon there’d be more life, in the right shade of our, sighs, death!, be gone!

(D.A.R.L.I.N.G., Devotion, 2008)



3.- So we’ll work until the night is quite, what once all our dreams were like; doing all the housework, returning all the schoolbooks for good.

(All the Years, Devotion, 2008)



4.- The bodies lying in the sand, they’re moving in the dark. It is so quick to let us, we feel it move through our skin. It’s a sickness, a manic weakness, yeah.

(Silver Soul, Teen Dream, 2010)



5.- Someday out of the blue it will find you always. Always a face to remind me someone like you.

(Troublemaker, Bloom, 2012)



6.- Can’t keep hanging on to all that’s dead and gone. If you build yourself a myth, know just what to give. Do you lie? We’ll let the ashes fly.

(Myth, Bloom, 2013)



7.- It can’t be gone, we’re still right here. It took so long, can’t say we heard it all. Limbs parallel, we stood so long we fell, tear a moment from the days that carry us on forever.

(10 Mile Stereo, Teen Dream, 2010)




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