[EN 7 FRASES] Foals

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1.- Now that we’re older, the future is colder. But what is there to do? 

(A Knife In The Ocean, What Went Down, 2015)



2.- Sun down now we have built our place. An aviary forever, an aviary forever. Forever, forever…

(Olympic Airways, Antidotes, 2007)



3.- Now the waves they drag you down, carry you to broken ground. Though I find you in the sand, wipe you clean with dirty hands.


(Spanish Sahara, Total Life Forever, 2010)



4.- It was just a dream, the most beautiful place I’ve seen. The white caps and the pines, ripped our nations in the sea. 

(Out Of The Woods, Holy Fire, 2013)



5.- They said I swam the sea that ran around. They said I once was lost but now I’m truly found.

(Late Night, Holy Fire, 2013)



6.- I know I could not last very long at all without you here to break my fall. I know I could not stand alone for very long without you there to take my coat.

(After Glow, Total Life Forever, 2010)



7.- And all by the fooling round with daisy chains on our heads. It’s coming now, my friend, and it’s the end.

(Moon, Holy Fire, 2013)



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