[EN 7 FRASES] Slowdive

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1.- She fell from the sky, yeah, the clouds made her cry, she couldn’t see the sun. And everyone said, yeah, you’re better off dead, but she didn’t believe them at all.

(Brighter, Just for a Day, 1991)



2.- For I heard you singing through the gloom, singing and singing, a merry aire, lean out the window, golden hair.

(Golden Hair, Just for a Day, 1991)



3.- The world is full of noise, yeah, I hear it all the time. You know I am your dagger, you know I am your wound.

(Dagger, Souvlaki, 1993)



4.- I close my eyes and let the ground slip, from my mind, I’m falling now, I’m diving now, I’m gliding in the sky. Graceful birds will whisper as I sadly pass them by. He’s feeling good, yeah, he’s feeling free.

(Slowdive, Slowdive EP, 1990)



5.- As the sun hits she’ll be waiting with the coffins under heaven. Hey hey lover, you’re still burning, you’re his song, yeah.

(When the Sun Hits, Souvlaki, 1993)



6.- Hey, are you feeling something new. Just watch the rain, it helps in all you do. The breeze, it blows. It blows everything.

(Catch the Breeze, Just for a Day, 1991)



7.- Alison, I’ll drink your wine, I’ll wear your clothes when we’re both high. Alison, I said, were sinking, but she laughs and tells me it’s just fine. I guess she’s out there somewhere.


(Alison, Souvlaki, 1993)




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