[EN 7 FRASES] Siouxsie Sioux

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Siouxsie Sioux7




1.- Oh, the skies, tumbling from your eyes. So sublime, the chase to end all time. Seasons call and fall, from grace and uniform, anatomical and metaphysical.

(Love Crime, Hannibal series soundtrack, 2015)



2.- My so-called friends say you’re not alive. I’ll bake their bones for telling lies, then pull the pastry from the pie and pour the gravy in their eye.

(Scarecrow, Peepshow, 1988)



3.- You are the melting men, and as you melt you are beheaded, handcuffed in lace and blood and sperm, swimming in poison, gasping in the fragrance, sweat carves a screenplay of discipline and devotion.

(Melt!, A Kiss in the Dreamhouse, 1982)



4.- Softly to swim inside your veins. Softly in rippling cellophane to float and glide in time to the rushing in your brain. I wanted your lips, yes I wanted your kiss. So softly the moment had flown, my body outside yours, softly collects the falling snow and disappears far away. 

(Softly, Supperstition, 1991)



5.- At the close of day the sunset cloaks, these words in shadow play. Here and now, long and loud. My heart cries out and the naked bone of an echo says: don’t walk away.

(The Last Beat of My Heart, Peepshow, 1988)



6.- His face was full of intent and we shook excitement, then the victim stared up looked strangely at the screen as if her pain was our fault. But that’s entertainment, what we crave for inside, no more second rate movies from those people outside.

(Monitor, Juju, 1981)



7.- One more kiss before we die. Face to face and dream of flying. Who are you? Who am I? Wind in wings, two angels falling to die like this with a last kiss. It’s falsehood’s flame, it’s a crying shame.

(Face to Face, Batman Returns soundtrack, 1992)



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