[EN 7 FRASES] Ariel Pink

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1.- I don’t need to burn any bridges but I can’t get enough of those bitches. I’m just a rocknrolla from Beverly Hills. My name is Ariel and I’m a nymph! The nymphony of the symph.


(Symphony of the Nymph, Mature Themes LP, 2012)



2.- You play air guitar for a band and I. I will break eardrums in the back and I’ll back you up as your frontman.


(Round and Round, Before Today LP, 2010)



3.- I gave dirty pussy to everyone! I’m crazy like Gideon, ha ha! I chomp on punani, bloody vagina, me feast on placenta, placent.


(Every Night I Die at Miyagi’s, House Arrest, 2002)



4.- Providence of angels and fairymen, here after all’s well and said is done. What’s the view like from your bed? Where a handful of love goes down where you got fed. Now i’ts time for pain, that’s right, penetration time tonight.


(Not Enough Violence, pom pom LP, 2014)



5.- There is no future, there’s no present, only pain. And when you cry your love is dying all the same. It’s time to die, we must be vigilant and safe. Time to live, time to die.


(Time to Live, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson LP, 2017)



6.- Four shadows eclipsing the rays of the sun. Blacker than black, girl, is that overlapping the sky. Four shadows into dimensionaless sleep, nothing to touch when the movie projector is me.


(4 Shadows, pom pom LP, 2014)



7.- Let’s make a toast to glory days, when you were 8 and I was only 45. I dedicate to this selfie to the little guy who will outlast me when I’m done.


(Picture Me Gone, pom pom LP, 2014)



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